Elevate Your Cannabis Business in Atlanta with Industry Titan Guy Rocourt

In the rapidly expanding Atlanta market, the intersection of cannabis and culture presents unparalleled opportunities for Black entrepreneurs. Guy Rocourt, co-founder and the visionary behind Papa & Barkley, one of California’s most revered legacy cannabis brands, is now offering his vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise to you. With years of pioneering work and an expansive network in the cannabis industry, Guy is uniquely equipped to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Papa and Barkley Logo

 Draw on the legacy of innovation Guy built at Papa & Barkley, applying his pioneering strategies to your business model for groundbreaking success in Atlanta.

Decades of Proven Success

Harness the insights from Guy's successful tenure at Papa & Barkley, where he navigated the complexities of the cannabis market to build a brand celebrated for its quality and innovation.

Unmatched Industry Connections

Leverage Guy's deep connections across the cannabis space, from cultivators to policymakers, ensuring your brand isn't just part of the conversation but leading it in Atlanta.

Culturally Rich Strategies

Benefit from strategies deeply rooted in understanding Atlanta's dynamic culture and market, tailored to elevate your brand's presence and resonance with local communities.

Emerge as a Leader

With Guy's guidance, turn your cannabis venture into a powerhouse in Atlanta's thriving market.

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