Meet Guy Rocourt

For more than 20 years, Guy Rocourt has lobbied diligently to create greater awareness and advocacy for the legalization of cannabis. During this time he has been absolutely dedicated to researching and mastering the science behind the growth and utilization of the highest quality and most medicinally beneficial cannabis.

A former Naval serviceman and recipient of a full ROTC scholarship to RIT, Mr. Rocourt graduated with a degree in Science in 1994. Upon graduation Guy began a 10-year career as an Assistant Director in the television and film industry. It was during this time that he began working closely with talk show host, Montel Williams, who had recently been diagnosed with MS. Being privy to Montel’s daily struggle with pain management sparked a passionate desire to make medicinal cannabis readily available to people in need of its tremendous healing properties.

By the late 90’s, in the midst of quickly evolving laws, Mr. Rocourt found himself in high demand, being asked to consult for some of the largest operations in California, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona. In 2011, Mr. Rocourt began to develop refined cannabis wellness products. One of the first in the field to recognize that refined cannabis products are the future, he utilized high quality input products, rather than the waste byproducts that were regularly being utilized by extraction experts.

In 2012, Rocourt and his partners formed his first California-based extraction company. Then in 2013, he joined a second team out of Denver, Colorado to form one of the first compliant cannabis companies in the state. Initially excited by all the new manufacturing toys and gear available, Rocourt tried many different approaches to extraction.

Then, in 2015 he met Adam Grossman who had nursed his father out of hospice by making a cannabis-based salve in a pot on his stove. Grossman’s moving story reminded Rocourt of the long history of cannabis grown in Grandma’s garden and made in Grandma’s kitchen, with lots of TLC. This informed their passionate mission when Rocourt and Grossman co-founded Papa & Barkley to create a line of powerful, clean, and highly efficacious healing topicals.

Since that time, Mr. Rocourt has been committed, first as Chief Product Officer and most recently as CEO at Papa & Barkley, to create a full suite of wellness products that are always clean and solventless. This approach, he believes, will best serve the greatest number of people whether dealing with dire medical circumstances or overall daily wellness.

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