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Renowned for his extensive knowledge and trailblazing innovations, Guy has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the modern cannabis industry. His award-winning expertise spans over two decades, creating a tangible impact that continues to inspire those at every level of the sector.

Guy is not just a successful executive, he is a dynamic and captivating speaker, committed to sharing his insights and unique perspective with a broader audience. Whether it’s a keynote speech at a major conference, a workshop at a business summit, or a personal consulting session, Guy’s approachable demeanor, paired with his deep understanding of cannabis intricacies, captivates his audience, making complex concepts accessible to everyone.

Being a passionate advocate for cannabis, he has a wealth of information to share – from the entrepreneurial journey in the ever-evolving cannabis market, to the intricate science behind it, to the regulatory challenges and victories the industry faces.

Guy’s speaking engagements are an invitation to learn from a master of the craft. They provide a rare opportunity to draw from his experience and dive deep into the cannabis industry’s exciting world.

If you’re interested in having Guy Rocourt as a speaker at your event, or to engage his consulting services, please reach out to us via the Contact section. Let’s explore how we can enhance your understanding of cannabis together.

Pioneering Solventless Solutions: A Clean Cannabis Revolution

Join me as I demystify the concepts behind clean cannabis and the power of a ‘clean label’. Together, we’ll explore why sun-grown cannabis is the optimal choice and unlock the magic behind whole plant efficacy.

Repackaging Green: Sustainable Solutions in Cannabis

Learn from my journey in ensuring our cannabis products are as green as the plant itself. I’ll guide you through our strategies for child-proof yet eco-friendly packaging, the art of minimalist luxury designs, and creative compliance via effective sticker use.

Cannabis Heritage: Cultivating Authentic Brands

Discover how you can leverage the rich roots of cannabis culture to enhance your brand’s authenticity. Let’s delve into the importance of incorporating cannabis culture in the workplace, and how it can create a vibrant, appealing environment for young professionals.

Cannabis Innovation: Formulating the Future

Engage in a lively discussion about product formulation and emerging hot spots in the cannabis sector. Together, we’ll address the stigma, or ‘cannabis shame’, hindering the development of innovative, palate-pleasing cannabis products.

Crafting a Cannabis Legacy: Strategic Brand Positioning

Let’s strategize your brand’s path to success. We’ll dissect your product range, refining the good/better/best approach for your brand and sub-brands. I’ll help you structure your SKU assortment to capture a wide, diverse audience.

Green Renaissance: The Ethical Cannabis Movement

Delve into the cultural and environmental ethics of cannabis. Hear about my experiences advocating for green choices and learn why fair trade matters for you, your consumers, and the future of cannabis. I’ll share how your cannabis brand can lead the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Guiding the Green Consumer: Navigating a New Cannabis Landscape

Let me share strategies on how to guide your consumers through the emerging cannabis industry. Selling cannabis isn’t the end goal; learn how to inspire a lifestyle change in your consumers that goes beyond a simple transaction.

Cannabis Conversations: Speaking Engagements with Guy Rocourt

Invite a fresh perspective to your event with Guy Rocourt’s expert insight into the cannabis industry. Book him now for engaging and insightful speaking engagements, designed to provoke thought and stimulate conversation.

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