Luna Stower

Chief Impact Officer

It is difficult to imagine the cannabis industry without Guy. He has not only been instrumental to building the most recognized health and wellness brand in the cannabis space, he has launched several successful cannabis organizations and companies. His knowledge of the regulatory framework is top tier, his understanding of the science of the plant from genetics and cultivation practices to formulations and end products supersedes most people that I have met in this space in the past decade.

Guy is not only a warm and friendly person, but is very heart-centric and everything that he does making sure that he helps build the financial bottom line without forgetting that love is also lucrative. He has been a mentor to many new people in the cannabis space and is looked to as the foremost expert in everything from topicals and hash rosin, to flower and edibles.

Anyone who has worked with him knows his affable and fun character, his optimistic and light-hearted approach to difficult topics, and his open mind. His ability to hold the nuances of this space is a rare and refreshing element to the brilliance that he brings. He is the one that taught me how to balance the roots with the suits, bringing the experience and knowledge from both sides of the industry and embodying them in one person.