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Solventless is a term used in the cannabis industry to signify that the essential oil of cannabis has been extracted using water pressure or lipid infusion, avoiding the use of chemical solvents. While water and lipid extractions could technically be classified as solventless, in the context of cannabis, the term carries a connotation similar to “organic” in the food industry, signifying a clean and natural extraction process.

Once the natural cannabis oil is extracted, it can be used in various cannabis products, such as tinctures, gummies, and topicals. Solventless cannabis products are highly regarded in the cannabis industry, just as organic products are valued in the food sector. Ensuring safe access to both food and cannabis is crucial, but the next step is to develop the best possible versions of these products.

Presently, the cannabis industry is experiencing challenges as it faces a race to the bottom due to new investment money applying typical consumer packaged goods (CPG) rules, resulting in a reduction of the plant’s medicinal properties to isolated active pharmaceutical ingredients like THC and CBD. Many companies are content with incorporating these active ingredients into basic formulas, neglecting the full potential of plant medicine that has historically sustained cannabis through prohibition.

Current Landscape of Solventless Cannabis Products

However, in more mature cannabis markets like California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, some providers are moving towards cleaner and more effective solventless cannabis products. Evidence suggests that solventless or whole-plant products offer better overall efficacy, particularly in terms of full-body effects, compared to their distillate or isolated counterparts, which dominate less mature states like Florida, Oklahoma, and Michigan.

Companies such as Jedi Extracts and Papa & Barkley are making significant strides in the solventless space. Additionally, equipment providers like Pure Pressure and Low Temp are contributing to the movement, sacrificing potential revenue to prioritize education for consumers and manufacturers alike.

Opportunities in the Solventless Cannabis Products Market

One of the key advantages of solventless cannabis products is their whole-plant nature, meaning they contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant materials, contributing to what’s known as the “entourage effect.” This interaction of various cannabis components is believed to enhance the overall efficacy and benefits to the body.

Challenges in the Solventless Cannabis Products Market

While the current perception among consumers may lean towards distillate products, education on solventless offerings can lead to a shift in preferences. Charlotte’s Web stands as a notable provider in the CBD space, offering a suite of whole-plant products. 

However, the main challenge for solventless cannabis products lies in their cost, as it is less efficient than chemical extraction methods. However, with increased consumer awareness and demand, prices could become more competitive.

The Future of Solventless Products in the Cannabis Industry

The solventless sector may currently be smaller in the cannabis market, but its potential impact is substantial. As consumer knowledge grows, the demand for natural and whole-plant cannabis products will likely increase, leading to a transformation of the wellness sector. 

By emphasizing sustainable farming practices and prioritizing the plant’s natural composition, the cannabis industry has the opportunity to provide better choices for consumers seeking optimal benefits for their bodies and the environment. Over time, this will go a long way in establishing the cannabis industry as one built on proven benefits to wellness and wellbeing and infused with integrity.


The ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry is in the throes of a revolution. More than ever before, the demand for clean, potent, and nature-aligned products is on the rise, and the emergence of solventless cannabis goods signifies this shifting tide. Recognizing this shift, the push for solventless products in mature markets is a testament to the recognition of cannabis’s natural efficacy and the value consumers place on whole-plant wellness.

However, the journey towards a broader acceptance of solventless cannabis products isn’t without its challenges. The higher cost of production is a key concern, but as with many innovative shifts, consumer demand and acceptance can tip the scale towards more affordability. The industry is at the precipice of change, and solventless products are a significant part of this transformation.

For those venturing into the realm of cannabis, whether as a consumer, a grower, or a product developer, understanding the potential of solventless cannabis products is a game changer. It opens up an avenue to not only deliver superior products but also to contribute to an industry that prioritizes natural wellness, environmental sustainability, and ethical consumerism.

As a pioneer in the cannabis industry with over two decades of experience, I, Guy Rocourt, am committed to helping you navigate this exciting and complex field. Whether you’re looking to introduce solventless products into your product line or seeking to optimize your existing offerings, my expertise and insights can guide you toward successful outcomes.

If you’re ready to elevate your cannabis journey and tap into the potential of solventless products, I invite you to book a consulting call with me. Together, let’s lead the way in championing a cleaner, greener, and more potent future for the cannabis industry.

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